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Review of RushMyEssay.com

Writing essays as a college student can sometimes be the last thing on my mind. Not to say I do not think of myself as a good student, but every now and again it can be near impossible to find time to get things done, and get them done with good quality.

Essay Writing Website Review – RushMyEssay.com

So I went and logged on to RushMyEssay.com to see what they could do for me. Below is essay writing review based on my experience with the stated online paper writing service.

The Prompts

I was a bit annoyed when I first loaded up the website and saw, in the bottom right corner of my screen, a chat log open up within the first few seconds, asking me if I needed any assistance. I had only been on the web page for a few moments and was already being bombarded with requests. I did not feel as though I was in control of the help.

Writers Out In California

The first thing I did was click on the tab labeled “Our Writers”. It brought me to a page with an extensive explanation as to the background of each and every writer on the website. The page was slim and to the point, and I found it annoying how all of the writers just seemed to be slumped into one brief explanation. The page stated that all writers possessed either a Master’s Degree or a PHD in some form of writing, and located primarily in California. I live in New York, so at I found it a little daunting to get my services from someone so far away, but RushMyEssay.com ensured that my work would be done well from the very beginning, so I continued on with the service.
RushMyEssay Reviews

One aspect of the website that I found especially reassuring was “About Us” page. Usually, these pages are tacky and overly self-praising. What I found with this website however was that it got right down to the thick of things. However, it is important to keep in mind that when an About Page is brief it is because they do not have much to say about themselves. The page stated the company goals and listed off the types of essays that they could provide. They helped with:

  • Simple academic papers
  • End-of-the-semester papers
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

And any other type of paper that you may have trouble with. It seemed to me that this site cares more about the type of paper that it is rather than the content matter of the paper itself.

Prices Review

With a lot of services, especially costly ones, they wait until the very last moment to tell you their rates. In some cases, I have even seen them try to skip over the pricing step altogether. Not with this website.

RushMyEssay Reliable

Prices worked on an urgency and quality based price scale. Some of the exemplified prices were as such (per page):

  • 10 days – $19.99
  • 7 days – $20.99
  • 5 days – $21.99
  • 4 days – $22.99

And so on.

What they do not tell you upfront however is that this is not the total pricing. It is the rate per page, and nowhere does it say this until you are about to order.
2 days closer to the due date only adds on about $1, so when I realized my philosophy essay was not due for another 2 weeks I was pleased with how cheap the cost was, and how on top of things I suddenly felt. And if this wasn’t affordable enough, then I was blown away by the knowledge of a variety of discounts offered every day.
The closer the essay is to a deadline, the higher the price. I noticed that at a certain point, about 48 hours left until the essay is due, pricing skyrocketed and the rate was now double per page. This makes it very difficult for anyone who is using the service at the last minute, which I am sure is a large part of clientele.

RushMyEssay Legit


Ordering was very simple, a bit too simple for my trust. I put in my information, name, email address, and phone number. I could tell that they valued communication, because there were plenty of chances for me to insert new information about the paper topic, limitations and what not. It asked me at what level of education the paper was being written for, and I was quick to question how this would affect the paper content. They did not provide me a lot of opportunity to communicate directly with a writer to give them special instructions, which are always important.


Some aspects of this site may be good, but overall, they value communication in all the wrong places. They are not clear about the price structure, and they pester user with help that they do not ask for. Ordering is simple, but all in all too vague for my standards.

Considering all the negative aspects of this service, we can not recommend RushMyEssay.com, so you can use other more qualitative writing service

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