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Review of UrgentEssayWriting.com

Deadlines, complex assignments and busy schedules are among the reasons why many students hire essay writing services. There are many essay writing services online that promise to deliver cheap and high quality papers. However, not all essay writing companies on the market will meet your needs. I have had the privilege of working with a number of essay writing service providers.

Today, let us take a look at UrgentEssayWriting.com website.
Urgentessaywriting.com Review

What do they promise to do?

Just like most of the essay writing service online providers out there, UrgentEssayWriting.com promise to relieve you from the pressure and stress of working on complex assignments when the deadline is here. The experts claim that they have a team of well-trained writers and researchers who can help you with:

  • Academic Paper Writing
  • Dissertation Services
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Math/Physics/Economics/Statistics Problems
  • Other

However, what they do not reflect what any training nor experience. The interesting thing about this essay service provider is that you’ll always find writers who are ever ready to work any project from clients. The number of complainants about their services will make you think twice. When asked about the same, the essay writers will attempt to lie to you that the negative essay reviews are written by their competitors whose main aim is to bring them down. The irony of the matter is that they do not say the same about positive essay writing reviews, if any.

Before placing your order, you’ll be given assurance that the person who is going to handle the same has the knowledge and experience in the same field. I do not want to appear biased but wait until the paper is delivered. In fact, you do not need to go through the whole paper to see that something is wrong. You’ll only scan through the first sentences of the paper and hate why you opted for their services. You might be tempted to give them a benefit of doubt on your first paper but with subsequent orders you’ll have no choice. This is another reason why they are ever looking for clients since no one wants to stick with them.

Urgentessaywriting.com Legit

Do they meet deadlines?

When it comes to deadlines, Urgentessaywriting.com writers do their best but they are not consistent as assumed. There are some writers who will deliver their work in time while others you’ll be compelled to contact the support team before the paper reaches you. The boring part of writers who deliver their work in good time is that they bring papers that are below standards. It does not make sense for a writer to rush to beat the deadline only for him or her to present unwanted content. There are very few clients who are ready to risk working with these writers especially where quality matters. I wonder why a client would waste his or her time hiring such poor services when there are companies that can do a better job.

How do they charge clients?

I used to think they are in the list of the most affordable companies around until I compared with the rest. You can get your paper help without digging deeper into your pocket for the same but the quality will shock you. In simple terms, the quality of their papers does not reflect the price.

Urgentessaywriting review

Does the Customer support team respond to queries promptly and fairly?

The customer support team will break you down. The team takes long to respond to your queries. At times, they are even rude to clients. If you have a problem, then you’ll have to understand how to talk to them in a friendly way lest they stop communicating back. I was expecting an essay from them in the morning only to call them and their phones was switched off for three good hours. I was forced to email them but up to date am yet to get feedback. Although I got the essay delivered, it came too late and they did not respond to my complaints in regard to the papers format.

In conclusion, working with Urgentessaywriting.com is like gambling because they are full of surprises. There are times you’ll get what you want while others times they will give you what they think is good. The price and quality of essays do not match. Moreover, the writers rarely meet deadlines and if they do then the quality of the paper will not be the one you anticipated.


Considering all the negative aspects of this service, we can not recommend UrgentEssayWriting.com, so you can use other more qualitative writing service

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