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Review of EssayBison.com

This year wasn’t my best year in many senses, but the worst part was that because of a long sick leave I had to submit a lot of written projects for the classes I missed while catching up with a new material at the same time. I was desperate and made a very risky decision: hire a writer from EssayBison.com writing service to help me complete all the assignments given to me.

EssayBison Reviews

When Money Matters

Based on a short research into EssayBison essay writing reviews, I decided that they would be my saviors. After a quick inspection of the website I knew exactly what I’d be asking for:

  • Reading through a lot of paragraphs and writing a short resume;
  • The resume had to be good so that I could actually learn from it;
  • Write a 1-2 pages summary with own thoughts and reasoning.

As you can see, the task should be pretty clear: this wasn’t a term paper, the project was more of a summarizing the material I missed. I wasn’t afraid of any EssayBison.com scam, since I provided books and materials that had to be analyzed. And I knew I would be reading through the papers and at the same time checking them for EssayBison plagiarism. So my biggest concerns were:

  • The service had to be cheap (I had a lot of papers to do and very little money for it);
  • The service had to handle a lot of work quickly.

When You Put All Your Eggs in One Unknown Basket

Anxious to get everything done, I started looking for the professional English speaking writers with positive customer reviews. The service had a lot to choose from, but unfortunately they don’t allow you to talk to the writers before you create an order.

EssayBison Writers

So I had to sign up and create an order. Pretty much it meant that I had to write the topic, number of pages, citation style and wait for the writers who wanted to handle my project.

EssayBison Reliable

To my disappointment not all the writers I saw on the main page or read good essay review of EssayBison.com about bid on my project. The company representative explained it that my task clearly didn’t require a PhD level writers, so they didn’t bid as they usually ask for somewhat higher prices.

EssayBison Legit

But I was still able to find a very good writer who had to write 12!!!! papers (each 1 or 2 pages) for me in a little more than a week. I read each one of them very carefully and a couple of times, so I can say for sure that these were authentic papers written in accordance with my sources.

Is EssayBison legit?

I’d say yes, but again, if you need a more sophisticated paper, you might need to look for another essay writing service review on EssayBison.com related to your topic. As for me, I submitted everything and am a super happy girl now.

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